Dharmesh Shah


“Success is making the people who believed in you look brilliant.”


What makes him a crazy one?

Dharmesh Shah co-founded the first company I ever fell in love with – HubSpot. I love HubSpot for teaching me everything I needed to know about this new thing (at the time), called inbound marketing.

After HubSpot taught me about inbound marketing, it helped me land clients next. Shah’s Website Grader generates free website grader reports in seconds. Back in the day, I used to use it to turn prospects into clients. Marketers everywhere are still using it and new tools Shah’s company has created today, such as GrowthBot, which is a witty chatbot for marketers and salespeople.

Shah is a crazy one because he thinks of things first. In short, he innovates. It’s also important to note that this technical co-founder can write – and I mean write well. He’s witty as hell. Just check out this post he wrote on Inbound.org. It gets me everytime!

Here’s some of my favorite pieces by and about Shah, if you’d like to get know him a bit better.

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