Jason Fried


“That world may be real for them, but it doesn’t mean you have to live in it.”


What makes him a crazy one?

Jason Fried is a serial badass, outspoken entrepreneur, who is best known for founding Basecamp (previously 37signals), but I love him most because of his LOL-funny writing.

Fried, who resides in Chicago, is a crazy one because he literally thinks AND acts differently.

You won’t find Fried in Silicon Valley. In fact, he you’ll find him mocking it on his blog more often than anything. And you won’t find Fried’s team in Silicon Valley either. His team is dispersed around the world, which makes sense since he’s published two books on this new, remote way of work, and he’s even created an amazing remote job board, called We Work Remotely.

As if Fried wasn’t one of the crazy ones already, Basecamp is bootstrapped, profitable and proud. Since when do you read something like that in TechCrunch? Uh, never.

Here’s some forward-thinking pieces by Fried, if you’d like to get know him a bit better.

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