Paul Jarvis


“Most of the time, our fears come down to being judged by others. And it’s a valid fear, because other people can be really fucking judgmental. Letting that judgment actually stop you from doing something, though, only hurts you.”

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What makes him a crazy one?

Paul Jarvis is a maker, a writer, a teacher, a web developer and a designer. He’s the definition of a purple freakin’ unicorn. I admire Jarvis for a few reasons – all of which make him a crazy one.

First and foremost, The Creative Class is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken in my life. It taught me so much about the business of freelancing.

Second, like Fried, Jarvis also sarcastically dismisses the belief that you have to be in Silicon Valley to be successful today. The man sells out his baller courses in minutes from Vancouver Island. If you follow him on Instagram, you’ll see when he’s not creating stuff, he’s playing in his Greenhouse or with his pet rats.