Wade Foster


“I didn’t decide on entrepreneurship immediately after that summer. All I knew was that I hated wasting away for eight hours a day at a job I could do effectively in one hour a day.”


What makes him a crazy one?

Before Wade Foster was the CEO of Zapier, he was a kid in Missouri who didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. All he was sure of was that he hated being constricted to an office for eight hours a day. This led him to fake it til he made it in marketing as one of the first ever full-stack marketers around.

“After about a year I’d learned about as much as I could and started trying to build my own company. I spent my spare time selling people in the community on just about anything I could. I built WordPress sites, I whipped up email marketing templates, I built a small web app. Anything to learn problems that other business owners were having.”

Shortly after, Zapier was born at the first annual Columbia Startup Weekend in Missouri, which it won and went onto get accepted into the harder-to-get-into-than-Harvard Y Combinator (YC).

In May 2016, Zapier surpassed one million users. Pretty good work for a kid in Missouri who “didn’t always have any entrepreneurship in his blood.”